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Cal State Undergraduates Push for Union Vote

Undergraduate student assistants at the California State University system submitted 4,000 signed union cards to the state Public Employment Relations...
A smartphone with the words "Chat GPT" against an abstract background.

Yes, We Are in a (ChatGPT) Crisis

And we need to start acting like it, Inara Scott writes.

A businessperson in a paper boat uses a telescope to look at an oncoming wave.

The Oncoming AI Ed-Tech ‘Tsunami’

At a star-studded MIT gathering last week, the business sector made clear that industry leaders have FOMO, that the possibility for catastrophic failure exists and that humans and machines define “trust” differently.

New England College Will Close Manchester Campus

New England College announced Friday that it will close its campus in Manchester, N.H. That campus served students in the...

Duquesne University Police on Strike

Police officers at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh went on strike yesterday after contract negotiations between their union and the university...
Students stand outside F Street House, the George Washington University president's residence, protesting and holding a sign that says "public safety equals no guns."

GWU Students Protest Arming Campus Police

Around 150 students and community members protested George Washington University’s decision to begin arming campus police officers, marching on Monday...

Weekly Wisdom | Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell

Join us for a lively discussion with Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell

Weekly Wisdom | Fordham University President Tania Tetlow

Join us for a lively discussion with Fordham University President Tania Tetlow