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Houghton Fires 2 Employees Who Included Pronouns in Emails

Houghton College, in New York, fired two employees who included their pronouns in their emails, The New York Times reported...
A man and a woman are shown sitting next to each other, with the man's hand on the woman's leg and the woman pushing his hand away.

How a Collaborative’s Campus Climate Survey Can Help Prevent Sexual Misconduct

As survey mandates proliferate, ARC3 provides colleges with a playbook, including a comprehensive, free survey offering and the option to share and access benchmarking data.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy surrounded by reporters holding smartphones

Default Likely to Negatively Impact Country’s Economy, Higher Ed

Experts and lobbyists warn that the economic consequences of a government default will make it more expensive for colleges to operate and harder for students to afford tuition and for researchers to work.

The ornate facade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, as seen through an archway.

Avoiding Curricular Pitfalls of Study Abroad

If not designed carefully, study abroad programs risk reinforcing injustices, epistemic and otherwise, Liz Bucar writes.

An aerial shot of Columbus State Community College

Layering Mental Health Care at a Community College

Columbus State Community College is taking a multifaceted approach to meeting its students with mental health services offerings, developing a new department as well as adding online counseling and intern support.

People, most wearing purple ponchos, hold purple and white signs on a sidewalk. The signs say "UMich Grad Workers Strike Strike Strike" and the union's name.

At Michigan, Getting an A Because Your Instructor’s On Strike

The University of Michigan graduate workers’ strike caused grading issues. Some department chairs have said they plan to give out A’s.

A computer-generated image of a lecture hall filled with people looking at a screen that shows the text "AI and Robotics"

Colleges Race to Hire and Build Amid AI ‘Gold Rush’

Cue the bulldozers to make room for hordes of new AI faculty. But computer scientists willing to teach are in short supply, and innovation’s trajectory is rarely predictable.

Professor to Students: ChatGPT Told Me to Fail You

“I will not grade this chat Gpt shit,” Jared Mumm, an agricultural sciences and natural resources instructor at Texas A&M...