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Louisiana’s U of Holy Cross to Reduce Size of Faculty

The University of Holy Cross, in Louisiana, will reduce the size of its faculty from 74 to 60 by 2026...


There are always obstacles in our way. In today’s Academic Minute, part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week, Brett Fajen looks...

A Quashed Pay Cut Continues to Create Tensions

A draft of a faculty agreement for the Maricopa Community Colleges proposed reducing pay for one group of faculty members to bring their wages in line with others. The final version mostly nixed the pay cut, but critics are still concerned.

The Myth of Education as Equalizer

A professor argues that the main purpose of higher education is not simply to prepare students for the workforce but to help solve society’s ills.

Temple Strike Ends After Grad Students Accept Deal

The Temple University graduate student workers’ strike, which lasted over a month and got ugly when the university pulled tuition and health insurance benefits, has come to an end.

Alliance University Threatened With Loss of Accreditation

Alliance University, a private nonprofit Christian institution in New York, has been ordered by the Middle States Commission on Higher...

Vision: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute , part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week: Brett Fajen, associate dean for academic affairs and...

Bay State College Facing Eviction Over Unpaid Rent

Bay State College, an embattled for-profit institution in Massachusetts, is facing eviction over what its landlord claims is $720,000 in...