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Students May Need Lessons on the Benefits of Active Learning

On the Teaching for Student Success podcast, a physics professor at Harvard discusses his study on how much students get from active learning environments, as well as surprising findings about how they prefer to be taught.

Former Wisconsin Grad Student Arrested for Violent Threats

A former University of Wisconsin at Madison anthropology graduate student, Arvin Raj Mathur, was arrested for sending numerous violent and...

Student Athletes Get Mental Health Strength Training

Athletic teams at University of California, Irvine, learn to talk about mental health and spot each other’s well-being—in the gym, on the field and elsewhere.

New Programs: Public Administration, Government, Psychology, Computer Science

American International College is starting a bachelor’s of public administration. Regent University is starting a Ph.D. program in government. Spartanburg...

Parents Awarded $6.1 Million in LSU Hazing Case

A jury in Baton Rouge awarded $6.1 million to the parents of a Louisiana State University student who died following...

The NCAA Women’s Academic Bracket, 2023 Edition

Who would win the NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament if academics determined the outcome? Our distinctive methodology picks the winner(s).

U of Rhode Island Removes Partial Malcolm X Quote

The University of Rhode Island removed a partial quote by Malcolm X from the outside of its library building. Black students have been protesting the quote since it was first displayed in 1992, saying that using the partial quote did not convey what Malcolm X said.

Duke Challenges Ph.D. Students' Right to Unionize

Duke University will legally challenge its graduate student workers’ latest effort to unionize. “In 2016 the National Labor Relations Board...