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Office for Civil Rights Resolves Title IX Investigation Into Montgomery College

Montgomery College responded promptly in investigating a professor accused of requiring female students to remove their shirts in class but...
University of Arizona students walk in Tucson

Program Launch: Retention and Career Preparation for Hispanic Students

A new project targets persistence and cultural engagement among low-income and first-generation Hispanic and Latino students at the University of Arizona.


Plain Speaking or Rude? Fight Over ‘Disparaging’ Psychiatry Paper

British scholars differ on study on the effectiveness of antidepressants.

Concept image of a casually dressed woman kneeling under the weight of a large boulder she's trying to carry on her back. Tones are yellow, white and black.

Student Mental Health and Pressure to Do Well

Respondents to the Student Voice survey on health and wellness feel pressure to do well at different rates based on mental health, with students who describe their mental health as poor feeling the most pressure. What’s going on and how can higher ed help?

Education Dept. Investigates Baker College

The Department of Education has reportedly opened an investigation into Baker College’s marketing and recruiting practices following an article last...

When Journalists Violate Their Code of Ethics: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Daniel Laufer, associate professor of marketing at Victoria University of Wellington, examines one instance where...
A pattern of silver condom wrappers on a blue background

Student Wellness Tip: Connect Learners to Safer-Sex Materials

Colleges and universities are removing barriers to safer sex among learners by providing free contraceptives and education on campus.

SUNY chancellor John B. King, a dark-skinned man wearing a suit and glasses, is pictured here standing at a podium on a stage in front of colorful images.

SUNY Adds Liaisons for Homeless Students

In a coordinated effort to address student housing insecurity, the State University of New York system will designate a staff member on every campus to work with homeless students.