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Three students wearing Saxbys shirts smile behind the register in the coffee shop

Experiential Learning Cafe Provides Internship Credit, Life Skills

Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland opened a Saxbys cafe in August, offering students a new employment opportunity on campus and experiential learning for the designated student CEO.

Students sitting at computers in a lab

The Latest Campus Clinic: Cybersecurity

Modeled on legal and health clinics, campus units that give students hands-on training while providing a community service gain university, corporate and government backing.

A group of students sits in a study room working together.

Academic Success Tip: Intentionally Organizing Group Work

Professors can assign group work to students and ensure project and learning success using these five tips.

Compilation on Mental Health’s Impact on Student Success

Inside Higher Ed’s latest booklet, “How Mental Health Can Help (and Hurt) Student Success,” is available today. The articles and...

West Virginia Commission Expresses Concerns About Alderson Broaddus

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission this month granted reauthorization for every private college in the state to continue...

University Sues Cleaning Service Over Destroyed Research

A custodian working at a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute lab destroyed over two decades’ worth of research when he switched off...
Florida governor Ron DeSantis stands at a podium in front of two American flags. His image is displayed on a big screen behind him.

DeSantis Challenges Constitutionality of Accreditation

Higher education lawyers and advocates say the lawsuit is more about politics than a serious legal challenge—though others say it makes a compelling case.

Chasing Dreams or Running From Fears? Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Joanne M. Dickson, professor of psychology and mental health at Edith Cowan University, explores the...