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An illustration showing a closed sign hanging on the Education Department

Education Department Faces Potentially ‘Disruptive’ Shutdown

A potential government shutdown could complicate the restart of student loan payments, efforts to issue final rules and the FAFSA update.


The Innovation Continuum: Planning for What Is Next

It is human nature to experience a new technology and think that’s the ultimate version of such technologies.

A photo of Broward College president Greg Haile, a brown-skinned bald man wearing a suit and tie

Broward College President Officially Out

Gregory Haile resigned from the college this month for reasons that remain unclear. Recent tensions with trustees over his service on outside boards leave lingering questions about his abrupt exit.

The words "Title IX" against an orange backdrop of smaller words such as "health," "negligence" and "abuse"

U of Arizona Can Be Liable for Off-Campus Abuse

Reversing a previous decision, an appeals court ruled that the university could be responsible for off-campus abuse because the abuser was under its “disciplinary authority.”

Nichols College President Banned From Coast Guard Campus

Nichols College president Glenn Sulmasy has been banned from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy over allegations that he sent inappropriate...
An illustration of a stack of documents.

Tackling Pedigree Bias in Faculty Hiring

No more CV skimming: faculty search committees should consider an initial anonymized review of candidates’ research proposals, John M. Herbert writes.

Ep. 99: Designing Courseware to Produce Equitable Outcomes

Early insights from new "gateway" courses in chemistry and statistics aimed at closing attainment gaps for underrepresented students.

Pacific Oaks faculty, staff and students hold a banner during the Latino Heritage Parade and Festival in Pasadena.

Pacific Oaks College Reaches Hispanic Learners With Podcast

A Hispanic-serving institution uses Title V grant funding to support Hispanic and Latino student success with a podcast, decoding the hidden curriculum of higher education in English and Spanish.