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Students and Administrators Diverge on Improving Campus Racial Climate

A new report by NASPA, the professional organization for student affairs administrators, shows that students and senior university officials often...

House Amendment Would End Fulbright Funding

An amendment to a House appropriations bill would eliminate funding for all cultural and educational exchange programs run by the...
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AI, Expertise and the Convergence of Writing and Coding

The common challenge in teaching writing and coding is helping students develop professional expertise when access to such expertise has been democratized via AI, Marit J. MacArthur writes.

Changing Students’ Lives Through Better Sleep: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute , part of University of St. Thomas Week: J. Roxanne Prichard, a professor of psychology...
A picture of the book jacket beside a smiling photo of the author, Brian Rosenberg, a light-skinned man with white hair and a beard wearing glasses and a suit and tie

Higher Education as Its Own Worst Enemy

In a wide-ranging discussion about his new book, Brian Rosenberg explains how shared governance, tenure and other practices stifle change on college campuses.

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‘Adversarial Collaboration’ Makes Feuding Scholars Work Together

Pairing ideologically opposed academics should become a sector norm when researchers disagree, says Penn project leader.

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Advisory Boards Aid in Alleviating AI Anxiety

Nearly a year after ChatGPT debuted, hundreds of educators sought advice at the Teaching and Learning With AI conference in Orlando, Fla., this week.

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Game On, Again, for Gainful Employment

The rule, which is stronger than versions released during the Obama administration, adds new disclosure requirements for all academic programs despite opposition from across higher education.