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College Board Will Change AP in African American Studies

The course it developed has been criticized by all sides.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis standing in front of a Florida flag and behind a podium with a sign that says "Higher education reform"

Florida to Develop Alternative to AP Courses

And legislators are also expected to approve an alternative to the SAT and ACT.

On a cold day the students are climbing up the steps towards the university entrance, everyone wearing coats and carrying backpacks containing their education books

For Direct Admissions Pioneers, It’s a Good Year

In the first year in which many colleges participated, it appears to have been a success. Augsburg gets more minority applicants and more men.

A man in a suit addresses lawmakers backed by supporters

Connecticut State System Warns of ‘Devastating’ Cuts

Lawmakers and higher ed leaders are facing off over the proposed state budget. With COVID funds drying up and enrollment dwindling, it’s a battle likely to play out in other states, too.

Landscape photograph of North Idaho College's campus.

Playing Chicken With Accreditors

North Idaho College’s board voted last week to nullify the president’s contract, adding more drama to the long-standing governance concerns accreditors have raised.

Colorado School of Mines Teaching With Heart participants smile for a photo

Academic Success Tip: Teach With Love

Colorado School of Mines encourages STEM educators to look beyond course design and pedagogy to embrace a character of love and teach with heart.

Fourth-year student Anna LePlatt gives a speech at the opening of the Data Driven Frederick Center as Hood College president Andrea Chapdelaine watches.

President Swaps Schedules With Students, Promoting Campus Engagement

Hood College’s fifth annual Chap Swap allowed one student to live a day shadowing President Andrea Chapdelaine and vice versa, offering deeper insight into their respective roles on campus.

New Paper Suggests PWIs Learn From HBCUs

A working paper recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests predominantly white institutions can learn how to...