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A group of college graduates smile for a selfie.

Investing in Support for International Students

International students can be seen as a way to boost finances and improve cultural competency among domestic students, but how can higher ed promote academic success for those learners?

A yellow Star of David against a black background.

When Commitments to Free Speech and Against Antisemitism Collide

We need to be asking different questions as conflicts around antisemitism and free speech continue to arise on college campuses, Jeffrey Herbst writes.

Weekly Wisdom | Interview with Bill Moses from the Kresge Foundation

Get inspired by this incredible conversation about leadership with Bill Moses from the Kresge Foundation.

A redbrick building on Gettysburg College's campus.

Tenured Faculty Raises Alarm as Gettysburg Eyes Fewer Adjuncts

The Pennsylvania liberal arts college recently made headlines for closing its literary journal. Professors say they now fear more cuts.

Quebec Doubles Tuition for Students From Outside the Province

Quebec will double tuition beginning next year for students who enroll at its universities from outside the Canadian province as...
A white line graph against a black background depicting a sharply downward trend.

Managing the Demand Cliff

The other enrollment cliff is something that higher ed leaders can actually do something about, write Rebecca Mathews, Bijan Warner and Peter Stokes.

Professors in red Faculty Association shirts march holding signs.

N.J. Ruling Backs Fired Community College Professors

State hearing officer says County College of Morris retaliated against five faculty members for their union activity and recommends they get their jobs back.

The outlines of Wisconsin and Georgia, with a yard sign in the middle that reads "you're already admitted"

Direct Admissions Spreads, State by State

From Georgia to Wisconsin, state university systems are adopting the experimental policy, hoping to boost enrollment and reach new students.