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Caring for Kinless Older Adults: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Christine A. Mair, associate professor of sociology and gerontology at the University of Maryland...

The Key Podcast Turns 100

Episodes, that is. Inside Higher Ed ’s news and analysis podcast commemorates its 100th episode with a conversation between Paul...
A group of panelists - two women, two men - sit on a stage in a line at a conference. The Educause logo is behind them.

AI Buzz Dominates Annual Ed-Tech Conference

Speakers and attendees at Educause expressed cautious optimism about the early days of artificial intelligence in higher ed.

A graphic showing white lines winding and twisting around in a loose rectangle, demonstrating the slow path to debt relief for the Education Department.

Education Department Offers More Insights Into New Debt Relief Plan

The Education Department’s student loan debt relief negotiating committee spent its second day weighing in on which borrowers should see their loan balances reduced. Meanwhile, Republicans on Capitol Hill called the process a “partisan policy-making charade.”

The University of Maine at Orono campus on a sunny fall day

Success Program Launch: Adult Degree Completion in Maine

Starting in January, the University of Maine will launch an adult completion program to support stopped-out learners across the state. The program will provide personalized aid and services to ensure they leave with a degree or credential.

ACT Scores Drop for Sixth Year in a Row

The national average ACT composite score dropped to 19.5 out of a maximum score of 36 for the Class of...
After voting, the young adult man proudly sticks an "I voted" sticker to his shirt.

Dos and Don’ts of Political Engagement and Student Voting

In preparation for the 2023 and 2024 elections, higher education practitioners should be aware of the ways they can or cannot encourage students’ political activism and rights as voters. An American Council on Education brief offers five ways to support student voting.

Hands holding up orange signs that together spell out the word "applications"

Regional Colleges Saw Biggest Application Gains After Tuition Resets

A new report compared post-reset application growth at nationally known and regional institutions.