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Eight Tweets, Eight Tips

Lessons learned at the College Media Conference.

As Audience Diversity Increases, Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Better understand your audiences and their preferences to jumpstart new campaigns and create a roadmap for navigating new environments.

Harvard’s Huge Gift Made Your Job Harder

Very few major gift stories appeal to journalists quite like Harvard’s recent $400 million donation, but you can make a media splash with gift news -- even when the sums are smaller.

There's No Faking It

Authenticity has been and will always be valued. Guest blogger Donna Lehmann reflects on what it means to be authentic when communicating with future students.

Overcome Audience Fragmentation With Cohesive Communications

Audience fragmentation complicates the development of an integrated marketing and communications strategy. Mallory Wood offers insights and examples on how to overcome this challenge.

The First Law of Branding

Being aware that everything in your brand ecosystem is connected to everything else is an important insight for marketers.

Let Your Communications Professionals Tell the Truth—It’s their Job

Communications professionals must advocate for telling the truth and be supported when they do so.

Does Humor Have a Place in Higher Ed Marketing?

No joke, humor can be a valuable part of your higher ed marketing strategy. Guest blogger Tim Jones shares insights on how to do it right.