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The cover of Billionaires' Row by Katherine Clarke

What Might Higher Ed Learn from ‘Billionaires’ Row’?

The empty penthouse apartment and the future of the university.

Cover of The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell

‘The Water Will Come’ and ‘Universities on Fire’

Seeing the future of the university through a climate crisis lens.

Cover of Everyday Utopia by Kristen R. Ghodsee

Finding ‘Everyday Utopia’ at the Residential College

Intentional communities and the all-ages residential university.

3 Questions About Dartmouth’s First Fully Online Degree

A conversation with Dartmouth Engineering’s Alexis Abramson and Coursera’s Marni Baker Stein on the new online master of engineering in computer engineering.

3 Questions for Jason Penry of Penry Advisors on University Endowments

A conversation with the former James Aston University Chair in Development at Texas A&M University.

3 Questions With Jess Wang About 2U’s Placement Operation

A conversation with a classroom teacher turned ed-tech professional.

Cover of Invention and Innovation by Vaclav Smil

An Ed-Tech Riff on Smil’s ‘Invention and Innovation’

What educational technologies failed to live up to the hype, are always a decade away from mattering or have proved harmful to learners and universities?