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Emergence of Blockchain

Blockchain is evolving into a robust platform that may shake many aspects of higher ed.

Plotting the Future of Your Online Program

Ray Schroeder offers tips on creating an online vision framework for your unit and university.

Quantum Leap Into the Future of Education

Quantum computing will burst onto the educational technology scene. Are you preparing now?

VR, AR, AI Worldwide Perspectives

U.S.-China conference highlights similarities among innovators in ed tech around the world. How should colleges react?

Information (Learning Material) Wants to Be Free

The long-standing tension between "free and open" and for-profit business models is now playing out with textbooks and open educational resources.

A Visit From the Risk Management Office

How can we be sure we are identifying the most important risks in our changing field and are prepared to mitigate their potential impact?

The Maturing MOOC

Online courses are changing -- sometimes less open, sometimes less massive -- but they're still relevant.

Georgia Tech Is Creating the Next in Education

With its online master's in computer science and its recent commitment to a lifetime of education for its students, Georgia Tech challenges MIT as most innovative university.