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Opening Moves

I have a friend who is tough-minded, outspoken, and perennially skeptical. She’s not a pushover, and she’s not the least bit sentimental. But last week, with the stroke of a pen, the president reduced her to tears.

How Cengage Learning Views the Changing Higher Ed Landscape

The world of educational publishing is completely fascinating. What other industry faces more pressure to change in this world of print-to-digital than textbook publishers? How will the leadership of the large education publishing companies pull off this transition? What role will publishing play in how higher ed evolves in an age of information abundance?

Spring Into a New Habit

Spring break looms and whether we’re fretting about baring a little skin after the long winter months or preparing to hunker down to get some work done, this time of year often prompts the desire to develop better habits. For some, the longer days and (slightly) warmer weather may motivate us to kickstart our exercise routine.

Math Geek Mom: Analogies

One of the cool aspects of teaching college is that I get to learn things from my students that I would not otherwise learn. My need to learn from them most often occurs because I live in a very different world than they do, especially in regards to my relationship to technology.

Regional resilience

Giving our curriculum, our co-curricular activities and our research a regional emphasis -- an explicit awareness of, and engagement with, local geography -- can do more than just improve town/gown relations. It can position our communities to survive an increasingly challenging future, and our institutions to serve an increasingly central role in that future.

My Substitute Semester

An unexpected message from an unlikely source helped Michael Bugeja return to the classroom.

That’s So Easy!

Why I keep writing these blog posts.

Telecommuting, Yahoo, EdTech, and Dedicated Teams

Yahoo is putting a stop to telecommuting. The NYTimes reported this week that Yahoo Orders Home Workers Back to the Office.