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Teens and Disturbing Books

Should we restrict what books children can read? In today’s Academic Minute, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Gay Ivey tells us why not.

What Do We Know About Micro-Credentials?

What are micro-credentials? In today’s Academic Minute, Trinity College’s Daniel Douglas explores their place in the education and training landscape.

Why TikTok Fails to Assure Us It’s Safe

Why are users concerned about China and TikTok? In today’s Academic Minute, Old Dominion University’s Shaomin Li takes a look.

A Tale of Two Colonists

How two people react to a situation can bring about startling changes in their lives. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell’s Abby Chandler considers British colonists in the 1700s.

Navigating Medication Awareness for a Healthier Tomorrow

How many medications did you take today? In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Toronto’s Paula Rochon explains why it may be a few too many.

Property Rights Retreat Is Dragging Down China’s Economy

China is an economic powerhouse, but could that change? In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Texas at Austin’s Kishore Gawande digs in to find out why.

Does Your Workplace Have a Culture of Anxiety?

Is there a culture of anxiety at your workplace? In today’s Academic Minute, George Mason University’s Olivia (Mandy) O’Neill looks into how to change it.

Best Practices in Treating Substance Use and Eating Disorders

How to treat multiple disorders in one individual can be a tricky equation for mental health professionals. In today’s Academic Minute, Empire State University’s Cailyn Green discusses best practices.