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Universities aren’t too small to lead the climate crisis fight

It’s easy to feel hopeless in the face of climate change, but in this episode, two experts offer ways universities – and individuals – can make a difference to their local area and the planet

Algorithms Detecting Strokes

Can an algorithm save your life? In today’s Academic Minute, part of Florida International University Week, Chen Min explores how this might be the case.

Telehealth Programs for Young Children With Developmental Delay

Telehealth has brought a new option to families who need it. In today’s Academic Minute, part of Florida International University Week, Daniel Bagner explores the benefit for those whose children need an extra hand.

Community Schools and Reducing Summer Learning Loss

Summer programs can be key for certain students to continue their learning. In today’s Academic Minute, Binghamton University’s Laura Bronstein examines how community schools can help.

The Brain Is Maintained by Chance the Gardener

What is the best way to wire a brain? In today’s Academic Minute, Weber State University’s Jim Hutchins delves into the synapses to find out

Nostalgia After Apartheid in South Africa

Nostalgia may not be telling us the truth of the past. In today’s Academic Minute, Spelman College’s Amber R. Reed examines why this is.

Why Cooling Coca-Cola Warms Our Planet

Have you enjoyed a cold Coca-Cola yet this summer? In today’s Academic Minute, Ohio State University’s Bart Elmore explores the environmental toll of doing so.

Why Should We Ask More Questions?

How you ask a sensitive question can be just as important as why. In today’s Academic Minute, George Mason University’s Einav Hart explains why.