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Penn State Takes Control of Greek System

June 5, 2017

Pennsylvania State University announced Friday that it is removing control of policing the Greek system from the fraternities and sororities themselves. Fraternity and sorority oversight of their own affairs will now be replaced by university oversight. "The self-governance model of Greek life has failed to bring an end to excessive drinking, hazing, sexual assault and overly large, disruptive gatherings within their organizations," said a statement from Penn State. "The university and board are committed to implementing solutions that create a fundamental shift for Greek life in an effort to refocus on the positive aspects of these organizations."

The move comes amid continued outrage over the death of Timothy Piazza, a Penn State student, in February. At a fraternity party, after rounds of heavy drinking, Piazza fell 15 feet down a flight of stairs. Though Piazza was clearly injured, shaking violently, other Beta Theta Pi members ignored his need for medical care, instead trying to wake him by splashing liquid on his face and striking him. He fell multiple times that night, striking his head on a hardwood floor and an iron railing, and bled internally for hours before he died two days later.


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