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Northern Michigan U Settles Discrimination Suit

November 12, 2018

Northern Michigan University reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice after four students accused the university of discrimination, the Detroit News reported.

In 2013, a student told another student that she had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and that her doctors were concerned that she was at risk for suicide. She filed a complaint when the university threatened to “dis-enroll” her and required her to undergo psychological examination and sign an agreement that prohibited her from discussing suicidal thoughts with other students.

The Justice Department found three other students with similar complaints. The settlement will require that the university pay $173,500 in damages to the four students and create a new antidiscrimination act/nondiscrimination policy. Derek Hall, chief marketing officer for the university, told the Detroit News that a new policy is already underway.

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Emma Whitford

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