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Arrests in Student Protest Over Grad Union

April 16, 2019

Seven students -- three graduate assistants and four undergraduates -- were arrested and cited with disorderly conduct Monday during a demonstration at Loyola University in Chicago. Students were protesting the university’s continued refusal to recognize graduate assistants as graduate employees and bargain collectively with their new Service Employees International Union-affiliated union. Loyola is among a number of institutions that disagree with a 2016 National Labor Relations Board decision saying graduate students are employees entitled to collective bargaining. 

Loyola said in a statement said it supports “students’ rights to express their opinions and perspectives.” The university said it believes that “stipends and scholarships do not make someone an employee” and that graduate assistants “remain graduate students." Loyola provides a “very competitive package of stipends and benefits to our graduate assistants and we are committed to continuing to do so," it added.


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