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The Education Department is gearing up for the next round of negotiated rule making, which will touch on a variety of issues, from distance education to accreditation to cash management. 

The department plans to form at least one rule-making committee, which will begin meeting in fall 2023. Before that, the agency will hear feedback on its agenda in virtual public hearings on April 11 to 13. After those hearings, the department will finalize the issues that will be addressed during negotiated rule making and request nominations for negotiators to serve on the committee.

More information on the hearings is available here.

The department is planning to hold three four-day sessions of negotiated rule making starting in early this fall, according to the notice on the Federal Register

“The department’s primary responsibility is to serve students and help them succeed,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement. “That means we must continue to take a look at a range of regulations to ensure that colleges and programs serve our students well and that Department processes work in their best interest.”