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The Faculty Senate at Florida International University narrowly voted no confidence in chairwoman Deanne Butchey on Tuesday due to what members argue is a failure to push back on sweeping higher education reforms driven by Republican governor Ron DeSantis.

The vote of no confidence passed 30 to 28, The Miami Herald reported.

Faculty members who backed the measure suggested that Butchey needs to take a more aggressive approach to proposed reforms that would defund diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at state institutions; concentrate hiring power in the hands of trustees; limit institutional autonomy; eliminate majors in certain subjects focused on race and gender; and undermine tenure protections. The proposed reforms are currently advancing in the Florida Legislature.

FIU has put forth four resolutions this year taking aim at various concerns related to higher education in Florida, but faculty members believe Butchey has not adequately promoted those resolutions to FIU’s Board of Trustees. Butchey has denied that charge, arguing that she has taken a more diplomatic approach focused on private rather than public advocacy.

“I cannot demand; I have to be very respectful,” Butchey said, according to the Herald. “I’m taking calculated risks. I don’t think many understand that my way of working is catching more flies with honey.”

Butchey’s appointment as Faculty Senate chair runs through June.

The no-confidence vote comes as many university leaders in the state remain silent on the DeSantis-backed reforms. Of the 40 presidents of Florida’s public colleges and universities, none agreed to discuss the reforms with Inside Higher Ed in recent weeks, even when offered anonymity.