On Yellow Ribbon, Shades of Gray

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Colleges will soon decide whether to waive tuition for veterans as part of the Yellow Ribbon program, a component of the new GI Bill. A VA official answers some questions.

Questions on Tuition for New GI Bill

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Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a preliminary list of the maximum tuition and fees it will cover in each state, and some of the numbers are eye-poppingly high.

GI Bill Progress Report

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Veterans' agency says it's on schedule to meet August 1 enactment date; questions remain over varied (and in some cases very high) benefit rates across states.

In Admissions, a (Military) Chain of Command

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California State U. reserves spots at each campus for veterans or service members selected by their commanders.

GI Bill Lets Veterans Take Flight

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Literally. Final figures for maximum tuition and fees payable to veterans climb even higher, driven upwards by high-cost programs like aviation.

To Tie the Yellow Ribbon?

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Colleges grapple with complexities of federal matching program that will supplement veterans' benefits under the new GI Bill.

Campuses as Vet-Friendly Zones

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Colleges continue to step up their efforts to recruit and better support veterans, in anticipation of the new GI Bill.

'A New Deal for Veterans'

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700 Colleges Tied the Yellow Ribbon

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A matching program under the new, Post-9/11 GI Bill has proven popular with institutions seeking to enroll veterans.

GI Bill Math

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At one Air Force base, soon-to-be veterans evaluate options of a program whose benefits are not uniform.


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