Campuses as Vet-Friendly Zones

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Colleges continue to step up their efforts to recruit and better support veterans, in anticipation of the new GI Bill.

'A New Deal for Veterans'

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The original, Post-World War II GI Bill has been both idealized as evidence of America as land of opportunity, and criticized for primarily benefiting white men while perpetuating racial and gender discrimination. So write Glenn C.

700 Colleges Tied the Yellow Ribbon

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A matching program under the new, Post-9/11 GI Bill has proven popular with institutions seeking to enroll veterans.

GI Bill Math

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At one Air Force base, soon-to-be veterans evaluate options of a program whose benefits are not uniform.

Survey of Services for Veterans

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With the new GI Bill about to go into effect, report reflects on state of veteran-specific programming on campus.

New GI Bill Becomes Law

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President Obama speaks at event celebrating a vast expansion of educational benefits for veterans.

Are Vets' Checks Backlogged?

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WASHINGTON -- A report of major delays in government processing of enhanced veterans' educational benefits -- a report denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs -- is alarming some campus officials because they believe the report may reflect very real problems.

Anticipating Impact of New GI Bill

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Report suggests veterans, who have flocked to community colleges, part-time, might seek more expensive four-year universities and enroll full-time because of new benefits.

Hot Seat

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As frustration mounts in Congress and on campuses, the Department of Veterans Affairs attempts to explain a backlog of nearly 30,000 GI Bill benefit payments.

Prerequisite: Experience in War

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As veterans try to take advantage of the new GI Bill, Ohio State introduces courses only open to students who've served in the military.


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