A poem by Laurence Musgrove for J.T.

February 22, 2016
When you came to my office today
after poetry class to interview your
professor on your handheld camera
about poetry and how I wrote the
poems I wrote you told me you
never thought about college until
college came and said hey if you
can dunk on a guy and you said
wow I didn't know that and then
your ankle gave out and you said
college went away and all you could
do was write about it through that
long darkness and then your mother
found the money to get your ankle
fixed and you went back to school
and did well and heard about this
thing FAFSA and you said wow you
mean I could get money for college
and I didn't know that why didn't I
know that and you and some friends
were talking about college and you
were thinking about St. Edwards or
Huston Tillotson and they said Angelo
State and so I went along for a visit
and I'm the only one who came here
and because I brought some credits
from high school I can take this course
in video production and when I went
home to Austin last time and looked
at my team picture from basketball
about 5 of those guys are in prison now.


Laurence Musgrove is professor and chair of English and modern languages at Angelo State University. His most recent collection of poetry, Local Bird, is from Lamar University Press.


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