Thaw in Pa.’s Budget Freeze Funds 4 State Universities

The funding came with new conditions requiring the institutions to make financial, employment and operations records publicly available.

Portal Promotes Successful Transfer From Community College to Private U

Franklin University created an online portal to guide community college students as they consider transferring and decide to start that process. The pathway decreases chances of credit loss and keeps students from paying for courses that do not count toward a degree.

‘All Hands on Deck’ for Retention

Ohio Wesleyan is seeing its highest retention numbers in more than a decade as it targets student success from multiple angles.

Israel’s Gaza Border College On ‘Healing Mission’ After Attacks

After the killings of dozens of students, faculty and staff, and with 1,000 still displaced, Sapir College looks to rebuild and renew.

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AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

And here’s why, Mandy Olejnik writes.

Young, Male and Adrift

College-aged men need to feel better supported and connected than many currently do, Andrew Reiner writes.

COVID Lawsuits Plague Colleges

Trends are emerging in the wave of court cases stemming from the shift to remote learning in 2020, Lisa Gerson and Michael Ferrara write.

Measuring Censorship Is Hard, and Stopping It May Be Harder

Censorship often comes from scientists themselves, driven by laudable motives, Musa al-Gharbi and Nicole Barbaro write.


3 Questions for Columbia Teachers College on a Noodle Consulting Collaboration

A conversation with Katie Embree.

The Role of Politics and Power in Art

Viewing art through a political lens.

Why Every Educator Should Read ‘Centers for Teaching and Learning’

The role of CTLs as catalysts, enablers and levers of organizational change.

An Ecosystem of Trust

Exploring digital credentials, governance and agency with ASU’s Trusted Learner Network.

Protest as Performance

Does performative activism work?

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McCarthyism and Moral Panic

Policing of language among those who should uphold the university as a vital democratic space for debate has led to paranoia and anxious conditions, writes Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt.

U.S. Business Schools’ Talent Pipeline Problem

Over time, the missing population in the faculty ranks could well be professors from America, which will lose an edge in the research and teaching of best business practices, writes Jennifer Nahrgang.

Chairs Hold the Key to Higher Ed’s Success

The chain of action required to turn institutional policy into real change is broken, writes Don Chu, and a new management model focused on professionalized and empowered department leaders is called for.

Coping With the Challenge of Constant Change

How can make our work each day effective, Jaynie C. Mitchell asks, when we aren’t sure how the end of that day will shift our journey from where we started?


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