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The cover of The Golden Ticket by Irena Smith.

A College Counselor’s Insightful Memoir

A Russian émigré turned college counselor discusses the role of education in the immigrant experience, how AI might change college admissions and how she pushes students to think about who they really are.

Four students in a snowy forest.

Wellesley Students Vote to Admit Trans Men

But college plans to keep its policy of admitting only women. That includes trans women.

An overhead shot of the wooded Hampshire College campus.

Hampshire Admits All Students From New College of Florida

College says it is responding to “the continuing attacks on New College of Florida intended to limit intellectual exploration, turn back progress toward inclusion, and curtail open discussion of race, injustice, and histories of oppression.”

The Week in Admissions News

Decline in degrees awarded; free community college; boosting Black enrollment.

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