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A map of the US, showing conservative states where liberals don't want to enroll in blue, and liberal states where conservatives don't want to enroll in red.

The Role of Politics in Where Students Want to Go to College

Study finds that nearly one in four high school seniors said they passed up, out of political concerns, a college they would have initially considered because of its state. The trend is evident among conservatives and liberals.

The logo of the Common App, the words "Com App" in white inside a magenta square with rounded corners.

Application Numbers Are Up

Will they translate into the kind of admissions year that officials have been hoping for?

Two young Black women wearing UMass sweatshirts.

Increasing the College-Going Rate in Boston

Reports detail challenges posed by the pandemic and success of coaching in college.

The Week in Admissions News

The new FAFSA; next round of negotiated rule making; Rice defends affirmative action; is GRE losing significance?

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