From College to Career: Increasing Access to Quality Internships

Learn how to improve the internship experience and increase access to quality work-based learning opportunities.

With employers increasingly expecting internship experience from prospective employees, there’s an imperative for institutions to increase access to quality work-based learning experiences. That’s easier said than done, of course. So join us as we engage current research on internships and a panel of experts who will field questions including: 

  • What constitutes a quality internship?
  • How have different institution types boosted access to internships for their students?
  • How does equity factor into discussions about work-based learning?
  • How can institutions successfully partner with employers or employer networks to boost opportunities for students? 


Prior to the webcast, make sure to read about a new Strada Education Foundation report that proposes institutional strategies and guiding principles for increasing access to and maximizing the benefits of internships for learners.

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