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A One-Day Difference

A Trump administration policy could deny education benefits to National Guard members helping states fight the coronavirus. Criticism mounts of plan to end deployment after 89 days instead of the 90 required for eligibility.

University of California Board Votes Down SAT

In five years, there will be a new test or UC will abandon use of standardized tests in admissions.

What Could a New Admissions Test Bring?

Experts consider the implications of the University of California's decision to create a new admissions test.

Social Scientists on COVID-19

What motivates people to wear masks, the effects of social isolation on children and the elderly, infection rates among the incarcerated. These are just some of the COVID-19 research topics social scientists are investigating right now.

The Week in Admissions News

Lori Loughlin to plead guilty; TOEFL in China; for-profit advertising; booklet on enrollment concerns.

A Big Mess

That's what the University of California has created in admissions, writes David Benjamin Gruenbaum.

What Students Want

Surveys show students want a fall semester as close as possible to last fall's. They may transfer if they don't get it.

AP Courses Do Not Deserve College Credit

Students can learn content and skills but shouldn't fool themselves that they are taking college courses, writes Nicholas Tampio.