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Are Waiting Lists Out of Control?

Should colleges have waiting lists with more names than make up a class of new students? Open letter to colleges calls practice cruel and says "insanity needs to stop."

The Week in Admissions News

Tuition pressures; impact of tuition increases on diversity; nondegree credentials; humor from Georgia Tech.

High School Grade Inflation: Real But Maybe Not a Worry?

Florida State shares data showing that high school students are in fact earning higher grades. Yet the predictive value of the high school GPA hasn't changed.

Should States Align High School Graduation and College Admissions Policies?

In many states, graduating from high school doesn't mean you are eligible for college, report finds.

Ethical College Admissions: David Hogg, Laura Ingraham and Rejections

Jim Jump considers how the current controversy relates to college admissions issues generally.

How Admissions Offices Can Prepare for New E.U. Rule

New guide offers scenarios for admissions offices to consider as they prepare for a new law from the European Union that could impose huge fines on American institutions.

Facebook’s Professor Problem

The social media platform is using academic pedigrees to whitewash unethical practices, Mark Bartholomew writes.

German Apprenticeships: Made for America

The German apprenticeship model offers many valuable lessons but must be adapted to be successful in the U.S., writes Thomas Lichtenberger.