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Smoking Gun on Anti-Asian Bias at Harvard?

Internal reports, released by those suing the university, show use of personality rankings in ways that hurt Asian applicants' chances of admission. Under academic criteria only, their numbers would go way up.

New Concordance Tables Have Arrived

ACT and College Board release new version of tool to compare scores on ACT and SAT.

Ethical College Admissions: A Tale of Two Washington and Lees

Jim Jump considers an attempt to confront an institution's history.

States Struggle to Close Degree-Attainment Gaps

Across the country very little progress has been made in closing degree-attainment gaps among white, black and Latino adults, hindering goals to increase the overall number of adults with degrees.

Connecting Cashiers to College Degrees

Walmart and other large employers are turning to for-profit Guild Education to manage tuition-reimbursement programs. Walmart's offer promises a debt-free college education to its employees, but academic program choices are limited.

Africa as Recruiting Destination for U.S. Colleges

Sub-Saharan countries have talented students, but few American colleges have a plan or the expertise to attract them. As some institutions step up efforts, will possible Trump impact hold them back?

The Week in Admissions News

Chinese students; Facebook and community colleges; dropping for-profit enrollments.

Aid Letters Without Information Students Need

Report finds many colleges leave out key points -- or present information in confusing ways. How many ways can you say "loan"?