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Ethical College Admissions: Kathmandu and Tyler Too

The scandal involving the treatment of students from Nepal is among the worst in college admissions, writes Jim Jump.

Revolt Over an Editor

Prominent psychologist apologizes and resigns as journal editor over allegations of aggressive self-citation and more.

Why Part-Time Success Matters

If community colleges are going to close achievement gaps, they need to better accommodate part-time students, report says.

The Campus-Based Studies on Test Optional

Studies at individual colleges back the idea that the policies lead to more diversity, without a loss of academic success.

University Revokes 50-Plus Full-Ride Scholarships; Recipients Did Nothing Wrong

If officials award more scholarships than budgeted for, should students lose funds? Is it fair to take away funds only from international students?

Ethical College Admissions: Identifying Potential

Jim Jump considers how the National Football League and top colleges identify talent.