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A Seat at the Table

College leaders talk about their participation on a federal task force on apprenticeships, which last week issued a report with scathing criticism of traditional higher education.

Look Who Says Test Coaches Can Help

ACT has raised some eyebrows by announcing a new program -- for which participants must pay -- to train those who tutor test takers.

The Week in Admissions News

Apprenticeships, extra security for AP tests, free community college.

Ethical College Admissions: The Admissions Tour That Went Wrong

Jim Jump considers what happened to two Native American students when they visited Colorado State.

The Personal Touch

Speed shouldn't be the aim of reviewing applications, writes Danny Green.

The New Stealth and Not-So-Stealth Applicants: Transfers

Princeton admits first transfer applicants since 1990. And new data may help those colleges that never stopped.

Texas System Sorry but Won't Help Students From Nepal

System statement says policies will be changed to prevent a repeat of this year's revoking of scholarships. But it says it can't provide funds to help those who lost grants.