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College vs. Employment

Memo to President-elect Obama: History shows that expanding access to higher education is a smart investment during economic downturns, writes John Aubrey Douglass.

Merit Aid Still King

Despite increased pressure to move more money away from merit-based aid programs and into need-based grants, there is little sign...

Could Collaboration Shift Colleges' Aid Policies?

Talk to private college leaders in confidence these days, and many (at least outside the most competitive and wealthy institutions)...

Will a Trickle Become a Flood?

A handful of colleges have left the guaranteed student loan program for direct lending. Whether many others follow may largely depend on how many more lenders bolt the market.

Shifting Gold Standard for Aid Policy

Has "no loans" replaced "need blind"? When institutions adopt the former without the latter, is equity served? Have colleges been too quick to define all loans as bad?

Tennessee Reconsiders Tilt to Merit Aid

Proposals would increase spending on need-based assistance and make it easier for low-income students to hold on to grants.

Harvard's Aid Bonanza

Harvard University on Monday unveiled a new approach to financial aid and a new definition of "middle income." The result...

The Cheaper Student Loan Program?

Lenders say federal budget numbers now show that the guaranteed loan program costs the government less than direct lending. Should that change the equation?