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‘Academic Ableism’

Author discusses his new book about disability and higher education -- a work that is highly critical of academe.

An IT Accessibility Watchdog?

As lawsuits mount over access to learning technologies for people with disabilities, universities consider banding together to share accessibility reviews of vendor products.

A Hill to Retire On?

A famed atmospheric scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on leave after refusing to heed administrators' request that he give electronic lecture slides to a student with disabilities.

‘Glacial Progress’ on Digital Accessibility

Data from 700,000 classes show digital course materials have gotten only slightly more accessible to students with disabilities over the last five years.

Access Denied

A group of scholars object to a decision by the University of California, Berkeley, to remove many video and audio lectures from public view as a result of a Justice Department accessibility order.

Applying to College as a Wheelchair User

Why was finding a college so difficult, asks Valerie Piro, even though all I needed was basic wheelchair access and a dorm room large enough for my physical therapy equipment?

‘No Plans’ to Delete Free Content

Institutions say they will not follow in Berkeley’s footsteps and delete publicly available educational content.

‘Access Moves’: How One Instructor Seeks Accessibility

Issues are being brought to the forefront as education becomes more digital. Inside Higher Ed profiles a Ph.D. student as she designs her first online course.