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Risky Research

An assistant professor says he was fired because he dared to talk about human population variation and got slandered as a eugenicist.

Federal Agencies, Health Association Help Colleges Plan Ahead

New guidance on COVID-19 from the CDC, the American College Health Association and the Department of Education can help colleges prepare for possible cases.

Preparing for the Worst

UPDATE: The University of Washington, one of the U.S. institutions most affected by the coronavirus, moves to all-remote classes amid preparations for a possible escalation.

Getting Campuses Ready for the Coronavirus

What should leaders be doing to prepare their colleges if the situation worsens? Chuck Staben offers suggestions.

Appeals Court Blocks Adjunct Union

Duquesne is a religious institution and so is exempt from National Labor Relations Board rules, appeals court finds.

Fired After 40 Years

AAUP finds that Pacific Lutheran violated an adjunct professor and advocate's rights in effectively dismissing her for offering private lessons to a student who asked for them.

Berkeley's $5M Glitch

Arbitrator says UC Berkeley owes its computer science TAs, including many undergraduates, some $5 million in missed pay and benefits.

On Strike at Harvard

Graduate assistants walk out following prolonged contract negotiations over pay, benefits and Title IX protections.