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Columbia Bends on Grad Union Issue

In reversal, Columbia says it's open to collective bargaining with its graduate student union -- with some caveats. Brown U graduate students vote to unionize.

The Right to Freeload Threatens Free Speech

Cutting off unions' fair share fees for collective bargaining reflects the desire of Republicans to suppress the political speech of their opponents, argues John K. Wilson.

Supreme Court Rules Against Public-Sector Unions

High court says public employees don't have to pay regular agency fees to unions that represent them in collective bargaining and more, which could hurt faculty and staff unions.

Tentative Agreement at Illinois

University of Illinois graduate students reach tentative contract deal with administration after being on strike for nearly two weeks.

Realities of Trump-Era NLRB

In a blow to the graduate student union movement on private campuses, three would-be unions withdraw their petitions from the National Labor Relations Board, saying they'll instead return to seeking voluntary recognition.

The (Possible) Postdoc Union Boom

Could postdoc unions be the next big thing in collective bargaining among academics? Recent filing at University of Washington could be beginning of a new round of organizing.

A Forced Faculty Divide

State appeals court rejects proposed joint non-tenure-track and tenured faculty union at U of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Long-Term Contracts for 1,500 Adjuncts

CUNY’s faculty union is starting to see returns on a major push of six-year contract battle: three-year appointments for long-serving adjuncts.