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Ruling Out Grad Unions

Trump-era labor board wants to make it that much harder for graduate students on private college campuses to form unions. Some say it's overreach.

Union Shake-Up in California

CSU's faculty union suddenly disaffiliates from the state's largest K-12 teachers' union.

Uncertainty for Non-Tenure-Track Unions

Federal appellate court decision could make it harder for adjuncts to form unions at private institutions, especially those adjuncts who want more of a say in institutional decision making.

‘Union Busting’ by the Board

AAUP finds that Maricopa colleges' governing board sought to destroy its faculty governing body for political purposes. The board's most controversial changes have been reversed, but faculty concerns linger.

‘Standing Up for What’s Right’

Lessons learned from the Wright State strike: professors will fight against an imposed contract, for their right to bargain over health care -- and for basic respect.

Are Universities Political?

Higher education institutions aren't easily disentangled from politics, and to claim otherwise is not only false but dangerous, argue Inger Bergom and Spencer Piston.

No Deal

Wright State professors strike over a board-imposed contract they say would gut faculty rights and compensation. Non-tenure-track faculty members would have to wait nine or more years for job stability under university plan.

When Visions of Mission Collide

When we take positions and make decisions based on a political litmus test, we hurt the very core of our institutional mission, argues Raynard Kington.