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Adjunct to Tenure-Track

Arbitrator says U. of Hawaii must hire longtime non-tenure-track faculty member for permanent post. Could contract provision on which ruling was based help others?

Big Union Win

NLRB ruling could clear way for more collective bargaining -- of adjuncts and other faculty members -- at private colleges and universities.

Winning Raises Without Contracts?

Union activity can lead to gains for adjuncts even when drives stall, fail or just loom.

Gag Order in Sunshine State

A Florida community college wants to keep professors from speaking to student journalists.

A Model Emerges

Adjuncts at Tufts say their first union contract, which includes significant pay and job security gains and a right to be interviewed for full-time positions, could be a model for new unions in negotiations elsewhere.
A photo illustration of the Israeli and Palestinian flags, with a rather grimy filter.

Divided Shop

Leaders of UAW union that represents U. of California teaching assistants push for Israel boycott, but some members say this action endangers their academic freedom and the movement to unionize grad students.

Punished for Winning?

Mills College adjuncts, fresh from winning a union vote, protest job eliminations and program changes that seemed to kick in just as collective bargaining was won.

After the First Contract

Adjunct leaders -- even as they push votes on collective bargaining -- are talking about how to maintain engagement with the rank-and-file well into the future.