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The Price Women Pay for Co-Authorship

Study of economics faculty members finds that men get credit where women do not.

Academic 'Moneyball'

MIT management professors push data-based model they say is more predictive of an academic's future research success than traditional methods of peer review in tenure.

What Remains of Tenure

Wisconsin regents aren’t done changing the way faculty members are evaluated. This time, they are seeking to give administrators independent power over posttenure reviews -- a move faculty groups oppose.

Maine's Merger Mania

Many professors say programs are being combined without enough attention to academic issues and the faculty role.

Presidential Vetoes and Tenure

Gatekeeper or rubber stamp? Recent tenure denial raises questions about a president's role in tenure decisions.

Tweeting Your Way to Tenure

American Sociological Association report suggests standards by which departments may consider social media activity and other public communications in tenure and promotion decisions.

Going Hungry for Tenure

Lafayette professor goes on a hunger strike to protest what he sees as irregularities and injustices in his failed tenure bid. He is the latest minority professor to raise questions about fairness of teaching evaluations.

Unintended Help for Male Professors

Colleges adopted policies to stop the tenure clock to help professors who are new parents, especially mothers. Study suggests fathers may be the real beneficiaries.