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Changing the Rules?

Tenured Washington State U extension professor says she's being forced out for not bringing in grants that were never established as one of her responsibilities.

Tenure vs. Enrollment

A small Michigan university is citing declining enrollment in tenure denials, and faculty members allege the approach violates their contract.

Is Tenure Essential?

Panel of private college presidents, preparing list of key qualities for their institutions, see tenure as "negotiable."

Tenure or Bust

Nearly 90 percent of professors at U of Wisconsin System would consider leaving state if tenure were abolished, and majority say it would limit scholarly inquiry, according the results of controversial survey.

Internationalization and Tenure

As universities seek to globalize, should they include internationally focused criteria in their tenure and promotion policies? A new report analyzes policies with such indicators.

Wisconsin Tenure Wars: Part Two

Madison faculty members are trying to restore in university policy what Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislators took away. Will the plan work?

Getting What You Pay For

One, two, three -- sold to the lowest bidder? State College of Florida at Manatee-Sarasota is considering making faculty hiring decisions based in part on how low an instructor is willing to go on salary.

Race and Slurs in the Classroom

A professor at Mount Holyoke asked his students to name slurs that might have been used against groups of which they are members. The college helped seven students switch sections, but now one student has gone public with the incident.