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Protecting Values in Overseas Ventures

Universities that set up shop globally should work to uphold principles such as academic freedom, gender equity and freedom of speech -- but they sometimes compromise, scholars argue.

Human Rights Warning

Scholars warn Western universities could be held accountable for conduct in countries in which they operate campuses.

Dream Deferred or Dashed in Israel

Texas A&M announced two years ago that it would build a branch campus in Nazareth. Here's the story of what's happened since.

Chinese Communists Preferred

Two job ads for Kean U's campus in China state preference for Chinese Communist Party members, while the standard employment application requests information regarding political affiliation and personal details that are generally illegal to ask for under U.S. antidiscrimination law.

From Beijing to Puget Sound

The University of Washington announces a new joint institute with China's Tsinghua University -- and $40 million in funding from Microsoft.

Town-Gown With a Global Twist

Results from a survey of community members' perceptions of international students in a rural Midwestern town suggest there's plenty of room for improvement.

‘Chaos and Confusion’

Countries with campuses from other nations lack agreement on how to define such arrangements, track data from institutions and assure quality control, report says.

End of Branch Campus Boom?

Survey of European universities finds other approaches top their internationalization agendas.