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Lapses in Labor Monitoring

An investigative report found that about a third of the workers who constructed New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus were not covered under publicly articulated labor protections.

Revealing Review of a Thai Campus

An internal task force offers extensive recommendations for improving Webster University's campus in Thailand.

Troubles in Thailand

At Webster University’s branch campus, serious concerns have been raised by faculty and others over several years about academics, student health and safety, academic freedom, and an allegedly autocratic administration.

Persona Non Grata

After N.Y.U. professor working on migrant labor issues is barred from entering the United Arab Emirates, questions emerge about implications for faculty at the university's branch campus there.

The Branch Campus Boom(s)

Analysis of international branch campuses suggests that the trend isn't going away, but won't work for all institutions.

A British Campus in California

University of Warwick plans to construct a campus outside Sacramento on land where Drexel University once planned to build.

A Global Hub, Close to Home

Rather than build a branch campus abroad, UC Berkeley hopes to bring foreign universities to California to participate in a proposed global educational hub.

Should They Stay or Go?

With conflict in Gaza ongoing, some universities with study abroad programs in Israel suspend programs while others stay the course.