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The Liberal Arts, Abroad

Outposts of liberal learning are popping up worldwide, often based on adaptations of an American model.

Students Help Students Study Abroad

Monies for overseas education can be meager. At some colleges, student fees of $5 to $14 are providing a significant pool of aid.

Standards for Short-Term Study Abroad

Forum on Education Abroad offers more specific guidance for programs of short duration.

Straddling the Line

Hebrew U. of Jerusalem, although closely associated with the State of Israel, spends a lot of time fighting with its government.

'Accreditation Lite' for International Recruiting Agents

In the realm of international student recruiting, “A lot of agents will just send out blanket e-mails to universities saying...

Women Abroad and Men at Home

Persistent gender gap in study abroad, even as total enrollments rise, puzzles many experts.

Record Year* for Foreign Student Enrollment

International numbers up 7 percent, but reported increase is fueled largely by big gains in non-degree and training programs, and more accurate counting. Study abroad keeps growing.

'Emblematic' Leader for NYU's Abu Dhabi Campus

New York University has tapped Alfred H. Bloom, president of Swarthmore College since 1991, as the inaugural leader for a...