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Go East (or North), Regional Accreditor

Freed by new U.S. rules, the accrediting agency for California, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands will review colleges outside its region -- the first regional accreditor to make such a move.

Accusations Abound at a Community College

One trustee in Johnson County has been censured for sending a private email to state lawmakers about her concerns. The board says she promoted secrecy. She says she was only trying to get answers for constituents.

What Led Concordia Portland to Close?

University leaders are tight-lipped about sudden closure plans, but a few events may have been warning signs. Now, details emerge about tensions with the university's affiliated church, leaving other colleges, church members and higher education sorting through the pieces.

College Lobbying Declined After Earmarks

Many colleges have pulled back on lobbying Congress. But with talk of earmarks coming back, will higher education institutions start spending big on K Street lobbyists again?

UNC and East Carolina Boards Face Another Scandal

Two East Carolina trustees accused of meddling in student government elections. One has been censured, and the other has resigned.

Merger in Rural Minnesota

A community college district in rural Minnesota plan to merge accreditation and other services to combat enrollment drops.