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Who Holds Professional Positions in Higher Ed, and Who Gets Paid?

Women and minority professionals are gaining representation in several higher education employment areas but continue to hold leadership roles less often than their white male counterparts.

Shared Governance Is a Strength During the COVID-19 Crisis

Colleges that share information and consult broadly with diverse constituencies have been able to respond more effectively than those that rely on top-down decision making, writes Marjorie Hass.

Leading Through Crisis: A Community College Lens

Presidents of community colleges are facing particular challenges these days, writes DeRionne P. Pollard, who shares some leadership strategies she's found helpful.

Barely Getting By

New report on adjuncts says many make less than $3,500 per course and live in poverty.

College Presidents' Cabinets Still Far From Gender Parity

Women and minority administrators are paid less than others and disproportionately occupy lower-level roles, a new report finds. Experts are divided over whether the current pandemic will close the gaps or throw them open wider.

Pandemic Unsettles Hiring Cycle for College Presidents

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into searches for new college presidents. Some who'd planned to retire are staying a little longer, while colleges that need to hire new presidents are taking meetings online.

College Presidents Expect Layoffs, Admissions Trouble

A survey of 285 college presidents found that most are planning employee layoffs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. ABC...