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A Deficit of Trust

Justice Department investigation into whether merit aid discussions violate antitrust rules highlights the barriers that private colleges face in dialing back the practice and the unclear laws under which they operate.

How to Prevent Votes of No Confidence

New York division of AAUP prepares template for professors to be truly involved in institutional decision-making.

No Love for Accreditation

Congressional panel hears from accreditors and their critics, and appears to sympathize with the latter.

Whole Different Ball Game

Gordon Gee's retirement in wake of a controversy that got major attention from sports media raises this question: Are athletics issues at universities fundamentally different from others that presidents face?

New Presidents or Provosts: Babson College, Dabney S. Lancaster CC, Empire State U., Fairleigh Dickinson U., Hawaii Pacific U., Murray State U., Princeton U., South Florida State College

Sheldon Drucker, interim president and chief operating officer at Fairleigh Dickinson University, in New Jersey, has been appointed president there...

Accreditation Fast Track?

Proposal circulating on Capitol Hill asks accreditors to create a way for new providers to gain approval more quickly.

Tipping the Cap

New Colorado law – nominally about merit scholarships – is a backdoor way to let public universities enroll more out-of-state students without raising the state’s statutory cap on out-of-state students.