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Birmingham-Southern, State Treasurer Trade Accusations

Birmingham-Southern College has accused Alabama state treasurer Young Boozer III of misleading the public in statements about denying a state...
A photo illustration of Ron DeSantis and the Florida Poly campus

DeSantis Appoints DEI Critics to Florida University’s Board

Florida’s governor appoints five conservative trustees to the Florida Polytechnic board, a move some critics see as the start of a takeover.

Birmingham-Southern Loan Lawsuit Dismissed

A county judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Birmingham-Southern College against Alabama state treasurer Young Boozer III for denying...
A map of the U.S. with money pouring out of the U.S. Capitol dome

Overhaul of Financial Aid Formula Will Boost Pell Grant Eligibility

A new report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association estimates nearly 220,000 more students will qualify under the pending new federal aid formula.

Photo illustration from a lawsuit filed by Birmingham-Southern College

Birmingham-Southern College Denied State Loan

Alabama rebuffed the private college’s request for a loan from a program seemingly made for it. Now the college is suing the state to fend off a possible closure.

In-State Tuition for Mexicans at California Community Colleges

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law Friday that will allow low-income Mexicans living near the border to enroll...
The outlines of Wisconsin and Georgia, with a yard sign in the middle that reads "you're already admitted"

Direct Admissions Spreads, State by State

From Georgia to Wisconsin, state university systems are adopting the experimental policy, hoping to boost enrollment and reach new students.

A photo illustration of North Carolina governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina Forces Changes to Accreditation

A new law will require public institutions to change accreditors every cycle. Passed quietly with no debate, the bill follows similar legislation passed in Florida.