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Louisiana Law Cracks Down on Campus Civil Disobedience

A new law enacted Monday in Louisiana excludes acts of civil disobedience from free speech protections on public college campuses...
Phil Murphy gesticulates in front of a microphone.

New Jersey Community College Leaders Fight Potential Funding Cut

The institutions stand to lose $20 million if the governor’s current budget proposal passes. The college’s leaders are hopeful their advocacy can stave off the cut.

Pennsylvania capital building

Penn. Lawmakers Propose Dueling Plans to Overhaul Higher Ed

Both parties have introduced separate bills outlining their own vision on how best to carry out the higher education overhaul Governor Shapiro called for in January.

Louisiana governor Jeff Landry

Louisiana Governor Gains More Control Over College Boards

Critics fear that the bill Governor Landry signed could be an overstep that threatens public institutions’ accreditation status—and their ability to receive vital federal financial aid.

A student looks at a table of snacks at City College of San Francisco.

Many California Students Eligible for CalFresh but a Fraction Enroll

A new report estimates that hundreds of thousands of California students qualify for the state’s food program but don’t access the benefits.

GovernorJared Polis signing Colorado’s state budget

Colorado to Cover Two Years’ Tuition at Any Public College

The tax-credit–based aid program provides a last-dollar reimbursement to cover up to 65 credits for any student with a household income of $90,000 or less.

The Louisiana statehouse, an elderly couple, a piggy bank and a clock

New Retirement Benefits a ‘Massive Win’ for Employees

Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill to give faculty and staff more time to choose a retirement plan. They hope it will help keep “the best and brightest” in state.

Three Black students sit on a lawn smiling. Two high five each other.

California Bill Would Create ‘Black-Serving Institution’ Designation

Some lawmakers and higher ed leaders in California want a state-level designation highlighting colleges and universities serving Black students well.