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Milton Friedman -- Student Aid Progressive?

The late economist is far more heralded by conservatives than liberals, but he advocated an income-based approach to student aid far more radical than the Obama administration's, writes Alex Holt.

Georgia State and Textbook Prices

Analysts of the court's ruling have focused on its implications for fair use, but the outcome could help some publishers and bring down costs for students, writes Caroline Vanderlip.

Memo to the Candidates

William G. Tierney and Michael A. Olivas outline the topics on which they would like some detail from Obama and Romney.

Ryan's Higher Ed Record

Romney's running mate is architect of a budget plan that would impose deep cuts on research and financial aid.

Good Fees Make Good Neighbors

Wofford lets nearby medical school pay for students to use campus facilities, highlighting potential revenue stream for liberal arts colleges that don't want to change their missions.

Admitting to Bias

Survey finds healthy minorities of social psychologists admit that they would be more likely to reject a journal submission or a job candidate because of conservative politics.

By the Numbers

Departures and a reorganization at the National Center for Education Statistics stir fears the feds are less focused on higher ed data. Not so, says the center's commissioner.

Completion-Focused Financial Aid

As part of larger Gates Foundation effort, new panel aims to reimagine federal aid design and delivery to improve student outcomes. The effort is stoking suspicions.